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The Church is Better and Worse Than You Ever Imagined

On the 23rd of June we will be hosting a screening of the film For the Love of God at the Playhouse Hotel. If you want a realistic view of the Church’s involvement in the history of our world then this is the film for you.

For the church hater, it displays the positive impacts that the Christian church has had on society over the past 2000 years. And, for the adorer of the Church, it invites you to discover the areas in which the Christian church either dropped the ball, or was overtly living contrary to its call.

Here is the blurb on the Film’s page:

For The Love of God confronts the worst that Christians have done and traces the origins of Western values like human rights, charity, humility, and non-violence back to the influence of Jesus. This is not the history we think we know. Join us as we weigh up the good, the bad, the ugly – and the unexpected – about the impact of Christianity on the world we live in today.

If you would like to come to the screening then please book a ticket through our Fan-Force page. Here is the Link: