Corner of Maude and Fitzroy St. Barraba

Why the Real Jesus?

Part 1


Who is your Jesus?


We all have an opinion of who Jesus is.

If seven people were asked who is Jesus, there would probably be seven differing replies. The reality is that Jesus is such a recognisable name in western society, and has been for many centuries, that nearly all people have formed some sort of opinion about who he is, what he did, and how significant he is. Some common opinions of Jesus are that he is:


…A good guy,

…A moral teacher,

…A good example of love, or

…A champion for the outsider.


Others may be less generous to the historical figure, suggesting he is:


…Not really the guy people think he was.

…A Myth, or

…Irrelevant to today’s world.


There are many different views about Jesus, some are unfair, some are inaccurate, some are subjective, and some are incomplete. In the mosaic of opinions about Jesus that fill this globe, Barraba Anglican Church wants to know the real Jesus. Why? Because the real Jesus said and did some things that are really significant and if true, they shouldn’t be ignored because they would change everything.


The real Jesus claims to offer real hope, real joy, real family, real love, real life, real security, real forgiveness, and real peace.

If this is true, then understanding who he is matters, knowing what he has done matters, because he is significant to all people. If it is true, then it means that the things we look for in life come through Jesus, that true fulfillment and completeness come through Jesus. So, if Jesus really offers all this, then it seems like understanding him correctly is the most important thing we could do. 

We all have opinions about who Jesus is. But have you stopped and asked yourself…

“Is the Jesus I know the real Jesus?”


In the next article, we will look at how we can know who the real Jesus is.