Corner of Maude and Fitzroy St. Barraba

Help With Bales

Do you need a Bale? Aussie Helpers want to be able to help you.
Frank Cowell from Aussie Helpers has been in contact and would like any farmers who might need a little help with some extra feed to get in touch. He is in town until Friday but can still be contacted afterwards. If you want to contact him directly then his number is 0434 908 968.

If you wanted us to pass your details onto them then you can email our office at or call us on 6782 1037 or get us on messenger. You can also contact us to let us know any other things you might be needing so that we can try and find a way to help out (i.e. house water, meals, grocery vouchers, dog food for the furry farmers etc.) All enquiries (either to the church or Aussie Helpers) will be kept confidential.

Also, Aussie Farmers are wanting to use a shed in the area that is big enough to store 80+ bales and have access for a truck to deliver and trucks to pick up bales. If anyone knows of such a location please let us know.

I think at the moment, the help they can offer is probably only a few bales each, but it might be just a few bales you need to help you get by a little longer.